“Arms in the hands of the citizens may be used at individual discretion for the defense of the country, the overthrow of tyranny or private self-defense.”

– John Adams

The Weber County Republican Party is proud to promote gun safety and training for Registered Republicans by offering Front Sight lifetime memberships and training certificates at huge discounts through various fund-raising efforts. https://www.frontsight.com/Courses.asp

My goal: Raise $100,000

Our Value: Provide training on how to safely operate firearms in self-defense settings, while positively changing the image of gun ownership.

“Front Sight has fine-tuned their curriculum over the years so that everyone benefits, regardless of your existing skill level.  Whether you are an experienced shooter or brand new, they will work with you on exactly what you need.  If you are more advanced, they will help you perfect every aspect of your technique.”

– Front Sight Training Institute

The following packages will be available for Weber County Republican Fundraising through 2021. Should you have any interest in participating in the program, please contact Bill Olson at bolson@reagan.com .

Must be 11 years old or older to attend and parent/guardian must be on the same course. Does not include annual $50 background check or ammunition.

Front Site Lifetime Memberships

You get to have the world’s top firearms training institute teach you the secrets that will dramatically improve your safe gun handling, accuracy, speed and defensive tactics. What should this mean to you? It means the difference between winning or losing…being the victor or the victim…living or dying. It means everything to you and your loved ones.

(2) All-Inclusive Commander Membership – value $25,000 each


The all-Inclusive Lifetime Commander Membership is the highest level, greatest value, and most prestigious membership currently available at Front Sight. As a Commander Lifetime Member, you can attend ANY and ALL Front Sight Courses Free of Charge at ANY and ALL Front Sight facilities now and any facilities we develop or purchase in the future.

The Front Sight All-Inclusive Commander Membership Benefits include:

  1. Attend ANY and ALL Front Sight Courses Free of Charge at ANY and ALL Front Sight facilities now and any facilities we develop or purchase in the future…Currently there are two facilities – the world class Las Vegas facility and the Alaska facility.
  2. Purchase ammunition FOR LIFE at 20% OVER COST.
  3. Purchase GUNS AT COST.
  4. Guaranteed placement in any course with two weeks advance enrollment.
  5. Receive a 40% savings on any products purchased from the Front Sight Pro Shop at any and all Front Sight facilities, now and those developed or purchased in the future.
  6. Commander, First-In, First-Out Privileges!
  7. Will your Commander of Front Sight Lifetime Membership to a deserving heir!
  8. Receive a Membership Card to identify you as one of the most elite members in the Front Sight organization.
  9. Receive a Commander of Front Sight hat.
  10. Receive a Commander of Front Sight pin.
  11. Invitation to the Annual July 4th Front Sight Members’ Reunion Celebration.
  12. Invitation to attend the annual July 4th Front Sight Advisory meeting.
  13. Access to over 50 courses to attend PLUS any courses we create in the future.
  14. Special Recognition on Front Sight’s Lifetime Members’ Monument…
  15. Membership on the Front Sight Advisory Board…
  16. Exclusive Access to Commander of Front Sight Lifetime Member Facilities in the NEW Front Sight Resort!
  17. Unlimited Stay at Front Sight Resort FREE while in a course!

(4) Patriot Memberships value: $4,900 each


Attend Front Sight flagship 2-day and 4-day Defensive Handgun, Tactical Shotgun, and Practical Rifle courses, as often as you wish and as many times as you wish and master a level of skill at arms with your handgun, shotgun and rifle which surpasses law enforcement and military standards— making YOU the patriot our Founding Fathers had in mind when they said, “Let every man be armed…”

Front Sight training will improve your gun handling, speed, and accuracy far beyond 99% of the gun owning public.  Such skill at arms coupled with the tactical training we provide you in the four-day courses we offer, will leave you in control of your environment out to the practical range of your weapons.