Raise funds for Party independent of special interests

  • Raised $2,500 in last year’s Lincoln Day Dinner Silent Auction.
  • Raised $7,067 in this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner Silent Auction.
  • Raised a total of $19,337 in this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner.
  • Ready to launch our 2nd Amendment Celebration Fundraiser. http://olson4wcrgopchair.com/447-2/

Provide for more informed delegations

  • Personally conducted 3 two-hour training sessions in April, 2019 for Weber County Delegates in basic Parliamentary procedures prior to Convention. https://wcrgop.com/delegate-training-2/
  • At their request, provided these training session materials to other County Parties.
  • Plan continuous Caucus Training for Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers and Delegates.

Support our Party Platform

  • Working to advance our Party Platform Plank on Ethics, I have drafted an “Ethics Committee” Constitutional Amendment, including the establishment of the Committee, a Code of Conduct and an Oath of Office to hold leadership and membership accountable. 

Build the Republican Brand

  • Help elected officials communicate with, connect with, and garner support from our party membership, while promoting actions which are consistent with the proper role of government as stated in our Platform.

Better Serve our Community

As Republicans, we believe in free enterprise, limited government, moral behavior, personal responsibility, the traditional family, an educated work force, limited taxation, less business regulation, a strong local economy, a quality environment and productive citizens!

What other organizations can say this? We not only talk about it, but we work to vet qualified candidates and help them get elected to keep the focus on these important aspects of our community.

Do we know what our county businesses are looking for in a conservative political party? We need to engage…listen…and respond.

It is our obligation to become more vital to the success of our county! This is how we serve our community! And this is how I would like to serve Weber County.